30 Day Vegetarian Challenge Week 2

Does it suck, or do I suck?  That’s the conundrum I face when attempting to cook vegetarian recipes. I’m a carnivore, turned vegan for the month, and I’ve been sampling new recipes. While I know what chicken pot pie is supposed to taste like, I have no idea what a meatless sausage pasta dish tastes like. So I try out new recipes. Some are winners, and some I think, “what in the world is this supposed to be?”


Black eyed pea Ragout with grits. The vegan bacon makes it surprisingly tasty.

I think I can, I think I can. For the month of January, I’m committed to being a vegan for health reasons. How am I doing? Let’s just say my favorite motto, is “I think I can.” I truly want to be more healthy, but Meat, oh how I miss you.


My anniversary dinner, grouper.

This weekend was mine and my hubby’s anniversary, and we traveled to the beach. My hubby dined on a filet mignon, my favorite by the way, while I enjoyed this wonderful fresh catch of blackened grouper topped with shrimp, and served on top of sauteed spinach and garlic mashed potatoes. I wasn’t tempted by his steak at all, this was so fresh and delightful. Thank goodness I can have a little fish on this China Study based diet, but I was definitely cheating with the shrimp. Happy anniversary to me!

My favorite part? My favorite part of this challenge going to good restaurants to sample their vegetarian menus. I’m expanding my palate and learning what good vegetarian food is supposed to taste like.

An Interesting Note. I was surprised with how little support I receive when my normally supportive friends hear that I’m trying vegan.  “Have fun with that,” they say. Or I hear,  “I’ll stick with my meat.”  It’s no wonder not many people last as vegans.

Question: Have you ever gone vegetarian, and what kind of support or lack of support did you get from your friends? How did you respond?

Happy Ve-ing!

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12 thoughts on “30 Day Vegetarian Challenge Week 2

  1. I’ve been vegan for a year and a half-ish. At first, my friends/family were really standoffish… I think they were afraid I was going to try to take their meat away too. But I figure if they stay out of my plate, I’ll stay out of theirs. So now, it’s no big deal. And I’m too the point where I can pretty much figure something out at any restaurant, so it doesn’t impede our going out together.

    I will say… some of the fake-meat stuff is tasty and some of it is really, really bad. So if a recipe that you think you’d like turns out gross, you might want to try it again with a different brand of fake-meat.

    Good luck to you!

    • That’s really good advice about the fake-meat. I will keep that in mind. Love your statement ” if they stay out of my plate, I’ll stay out of theirs.” Ha, too funny!

  2. so, I have been silently cheering you on. But, now I’ll comment! my brother and his gf read the same study and became vegans for a long time, but ended up dropping it a bit because of other health reasons. BUT, they still follow similar guidelines – little to no meat, fish, and healthy organic products. Anyway, I’m 100% behind you and LOVE that you’re doing this, especially in the South. People are ridiculous here though. “What do you eat?” There are so many good veggie and vegan meals. We cook with less meat than we used to and try to have a veggie meal once a week for budget and health reasons. Anytime I find a good recipe, you know I’ll send it your way! Keep it up! I love these posts and samples of what you’ve been eating!!

  3. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I’m in the trenches,so I need it! 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed the Asian dishes I’ve tried with coconut milk. I haven’t yet had the courage to cook with it yet. I think long-term our diet will be something like your brother’s diet. You’re right, it is tough eating healthy in the south. We’re weird! ha, but I love the results. Going to try your avocado pasta next week! What are you favorite snacks?

  4. ok, so I’ve been on a super kale kick…..I made a potato and kale soup that was super tasty (I put turkey sausage in it but you can omit). I also added a can of rinsed northern beans to pump up the protein and fiber. I’ve also tried kale chips! so tasty and satisfies the salty potato chip craving. I also like Morning star’s black bean burger’s with added sauted onions and a fried egg……and salsa….sounds weird but it is sooo good.

    • BTW, With the kale and potato soup, I pretty much went to kroger and bought a bunch of veggies that were reduced for “quick sale”. mushrooms, onion, etc.

    • I love kale! Haven’t tried the chips yet. I did recently discover Morning Star’s bacon. It’s wonderful, although it does have eggs in it. Close enough for me!

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