Happy RSV!

“We’re baby-free!” I cried out as my hubby and I headed to the beach to celebrate our anniversary. It was our first child-less weekend. The second day into it, I get the dreaded call. Our 13 month old girls have RSV (respiratory syncytial virus). Happy anniversary dear.


Ava’s breathing treatment, every 4 hours to open nasal passages.

Have you ever experienced 42 pounds of babies fighting for dominion over your lap? I’m a small-framed gal, there’s not much room to fight over. Welcome to battle zone of RSV with twins. We were enveloped with breathing treatments every 4 hours, coughing fits in the middle of the night, midnight vomits that prompt changing and sanitizing the crib, and little ones who cling to Mommy’s legs because they don’t feel well.

RSV lasts 7 to 10 days, wow! I thought I was going to have a restful trip at the beach, NOT this.Ā  Oh well, here’s to the joys of parenting. It’s worth it all, ’cause we love ’em.

The media has been swimming in reports of how terrible our flu season is this year, and RSV is just as contagious. Yea, we got the flu shot, and they even received the RSV vaccine when they were preemies. (Obviously the vaccine doesn’t last over a year.) Our little ones may have caught the bug in the church nursery or at our local library story time. But, it was more likely caught during their yearly doctor’s visit when they spent time waiting around in the germ-ridden clinic.

So, what’s a momma to do in the midst of a huge flu epidemic? What do you do? Did you give your kids the flu shot? Do keep your kids at home? Or, do you continue with your routine like normal?


We’ll miss you Orange Beach.

26 thoughts on “Happy RSV!

    • Hand washing does go a long way! I think the world needs to be aware of how much it does prevent germs from spreading. So glad you have avoided catching anything this year. You are a blessed mom!

  1. Avery might have that. We have him on a nebulizer 3 times a day and it helps a little but he is still up coughing at night and during naps… poor little guy. I hope it only lasts a week…

    • Yes, lots of hand washing protects us from so much! I was in a restroom at work the other day and noticed a co-worker walked out without washing her hands. I was shocked!

  2. Sorry to hear of the little one’s illness. And, I hope she responds well to treatment and bounces back to normal…a mile a minute of fun. How much time did you get at Orange Beach? (Just guessing; enough time to put a toe in the surf, get sand in your jeans and run home?

    • Thanks Tim. They are doing so much better these days. We got a whole day at the beach. The empty shores were beautiful, and I loved the fact that it was tourist-free!

  3. we stay on our normal routine but as soon as I get him from nursery or we play at a public place I wipe his hands with the kids sani-hands wipes (they sell them at babies r us). We have been blessed to stay healthy through this season and he did get the flu shot too!

    • Oooh, I’ve never seen the kids sani-hands wipes. I will have to check them out the next time I’m at BRUS. Yes, you are so blessed to stay healthy this year!

  4. We usually do flu shots, my mother has worked at Children’s Hospital my entire life and the stories and babies I’ve seen make me certain to get it. However this year we didn’t get it. Bad idea! Horrible flu, pneumonia for everyone including momma! I hope your babies feel better.

    • Oh no!! I’m so sorry that you have had a terrible season. So it sounds like you have a strong testimony for getting the flu shot. Poor Momma!

  5. Oh no. I hope they feel better soon!! I don’t go out with my girls much. I went to a couple of stores but that is about it. We will play inside for the rest of the flu season and hope no one is rude and comes over sick.

    • Thank you! They are doing so much better today. If I can only get their appetite to come back, we’ll be in business. Orange Beach is so beautiful, i bet you have amazing photos.

    • We do. It was SO amazing.

      My grandson has been sick, not diagnosed with RSV but I wonder….he is a ferocious eater and his appetite has still not returned. Hang in there, I know how hard it is when the wee ones are sick!

  6. What a bummer about your vacation…welcome to parenthood! I’m so sorry to hear about your babies. I can only imagine how it tugs at your heart to see them so sick. I’m sure there is no way to avoid this so even if you quit leaving the house there’s always germs lurking everywhere. Wishing your girls a speedy recovery!

  7. Poor little things – hope they’re getting better. We’ve all had the flu shot. And hand washing / hand santizers everywhere! But BabyGirl still seems to be catching multiple colds this year…. Hugs.

  8. Sorry to hear your little ones are so sick! We’ve never had RSV (knock wood!) but what can you do? Lock them in a bubble for their childhood? It’s tough to be a germaphobe when you have kids … I cringe when he wants to climb into the ball pit at the local play place! ICK! I am constantly wiping & washing little hands … and my own! Funny thing is, I’m usually the one who ends up getting the little sore throats and sniffles here and there. Shouldn’t mothers be immune to illness??? šŸ™‚

    • LOL, you’re too funny. I read recently that most kids will have RSV by the age of 3. Ya’ll are doing great! I do wish we were immune to illness. It’s hard for me to not catch my girls sickness when they sneeze in my face.

  9. We go about our normal routine. We wash our hands a lot. There are two classes we attend, swim and gymnastics. He will be 2 on the 4th of Feb. I am home with him during the day. If I have things to do during the day, like teach a Pilates class etc I have a sitter come to the house. I am constantly telling him to not put everything in his mouth. That drives me nuts.
    If he gets sick we stay home and do not bring our germies to his classes. I am sorry both of your little girls got sick! That has to be tough. Jack recently had a stomach bug and I was changing so many diapers so often I could barely keep up. I cannot imagine with two at the same time. You deserve that beach trip after all of this!

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