Love these clever and loving approaches to parenting by The Chatter Blog.

What have you seen other parents use that made you think, “Wow, I should really try that”?


The Chatter Blog

I love a parent who lets a child take five minutes to tell a story that has no point other than the child wants that parent’s attention for five minutes.   And at the end of that five minutes the parent hugs the child and says “thank you for sharing that with me”.   Not really knowing what that child said.   But knowing what that child needed.

I love a parent who in a panic doesn’t want to give a truthful answer to one of “those” questions but gets down on one knee and does their best to do that parental duty.  Tell the truth.  Explain something you thought you had three more years before facing.   And after explaining the parent says “do you understand” and the child says no and doesn’t really care anyway.   I love that parent and know they fully earned that moment of…

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