December Health And Fitness Challenge

I’m back in the saddle again and on a mission to lose this baby weight. To keep me motivated, I’m joining the December Health and Fit Challenge.

My goal: Exercise 15 minutes and day, 3 times a week.

That’s not much, you may be thinking. But I’m a mom of twin babies, I have a hubby, I work. And, oh yea, I have Christmas shopping to do. This will be a very difficult challenge.  I’ll share updates on Mondays for the month of December.

Want to join me?  Check out Atlantamomofthree’s challenge.

Happy Exercising!

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14 thoughts on “December Health And Fitness Challenge

  1. I know – when I posted 15 min only 3 times a week, I was thinking how dinky that sounds, BUT I hadn’t been doing *anything*, so if I want to get serious I have to start somewhere!! Plus, trying to fit any exercise into our day takes motivation, even if I feel up to it physically. 😉 I did 21 minutes yesterday, I am happy to say!
    Hey, are you on

    • Congrats on working out yesterday! No, i’m not on (i’ll check it out) I am in weightwatchers. Correction, I pay for weight watchers and go to meeting to weigh in. hehehe. So far so good.

    • Thanks! I think I’ll get the jogging stroller out and take the girls and my dog out for a stroll. However, it’s been raining all day, so I may have stick with an exercise. ahhhhh, I’m dreading it now!

    • it’s raining here too… ugh! If you have a yoga mat just doing some exercise with the girls watching at home would work… when I did it, I put Avery in his bouncer (when he was little) and he just looked at me and thought I was hilarious doing these weird moves…he loved it.

  2. I’m definitely up for the challenge – just been thinking I have to get moving again! Am pondering whether power-walking three times a week would actually be feasible…

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