Gurgles of Joy


Ava crawling on my lap with Kaitlyn in the background playing with her toys.

Life is precious. I’m seated on the floor between my twin girls as they giggle and gurgle with joy to themselves while exploring the living room floor. A little one glances over her shoulder every few minutes to confirm I’m still seated. They remain content so long as I’m with them.

I tend to complain often about this clingy stage. I focus on self, and how I can’t get anything done that I’d like to do.

However as I sit in their midst, my thoughts drift to my husband’s friend and his wife. Two months ago, they lost their 2-year-old in a horrific accident in their home. I imagine what they would give to have a few priceless minutes to sit on the floor and play with their little girl. Life is so precious.

Today, I choose not to complain, but to rather be thankful for the moments of joy I get to have with my girls. I’m thankful they are exploring and into everything. I may have a big mess to clean up afterwards, but it’s a small inconvenience compared to the joy they bring. I’m thankful that they want to be with me. I’m even thankful for the clinginess. After all they are clinging to their Mommy. This clinginess brings about hugs, that bring about giggles, that bring about gurgles of joy.

Ava joy

Ava rolling on the floor of her nursery.

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5 thoughts on “Gurgles of Joy

  1. Oh yes, I remember the clinging stage well! I does go by quickly and of course gets replaced by plenty of other things that keep you busy and unable to get everything done! Your girls are adorable!

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