The Frugal Parent, No Cable = No Football

Conundrum: How do we watch football when we cut cable to save cash as new parents?

Our Answer: We’ll just stick to the games on public TV.

Our Reality: Saturday, Chris and I sat on the couch to watch the publicly broadcasted Kentucky-Florida game.  I’d rather be watching Ole Miss, and Chris would rather be watching TCU.  I took a bite of my 99 cent Wendy’s burger, looked at Chris, and said “You want to pack up the girls and go to Buffalo Wild Wings?”
“Sure!” he answered. We both put our burgers in the fridge, loaded up the girls, and headed to BWW.
Twenty wings and 2 quarters later, I had 2 overstimulated girls.  Ava the extrovert was in heaven smiling at all the customers and wait staff.  Although, she did have trouble focusing on her bottle because she couldn’t make up her mind which TV to watch. Kaitlyn was definitely over stimulated.  She did not like the noisiness, and I had to give her breaks outside to relax. Ultimately, we ended up leaving before the 4th quarter, and much to our convenience our teams were clobbering their opponents.  Here’s Kaitlyn happy to be out of the noise and back in her car seat.
The Lesson:  Maybe paying for cable might ultimately be cheaper than the cost of wings and most importantly overstimulating our little girls’ brains.
Question: Are you a football lover who has cut cable in attempt to cut costs?  How did you do it?

4 thoughts on “The Frugal Parent, No Cable = No Football

  1. yes. not a college football lover though, but have missed many Colts games. 😦 and Monday night football. how did we do it? practice the art of selflessness. in other words, give up watching football. :/

    • You are so right Dana! It’s amazing how parenthood is showing me how selfish I truly am. Deny self and carry my cross. Thanks for the reminder!

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