Project Nursery: Copy Cat

I’m a copy cat designer.  I found beautiful twin nurseries for inspiration and copied their ideas. But when I tallied my budget, bedding times two, crib times two, let’s just say I didn’t even want to ask my husband to agree on a price cap.

After much exploring online, I was able to finagle my own projects at lower costs.  Here are the originals, my copy cats, and what it cost.

Stella Gray Bedding for Two

Original = $1,124                Copy Cat = $530

Savings =  $594

I got a headache when I began shopping for bedding.  New Arrivals sells this 4 piece set (above left), including bumper, sheet, skirt, and coordinating blanket for $562 before shipping and handling. Times two, that’s $1,124.  Nuh-uh.  I found the fabric at my local Premier shop and had it custom made.  My total cost for 2 cribs, $530.

Restoration Hardware Nursery Rhyme Art

Original = $234

Copy Cat = $36

Savings = $198

Restoration Hardware Baby & Child had this lovely collection of Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme art in 2011.  I found the book for $10 at Amazon, cut out the pages, and picked up the white 8×10 frames for $3.99 at Target, totaling $25.62 for 6.  Just lovely.

Ikea Book Shelf and Bins

Original= $439

Copy Cat = $35

Savings = $404

I loooved this room on Project Nursery.  I prefer her room, but ours is comfy. Ikea has this wonderful shelving unit for 89.99, but alas shipping and handling to Mississippi would cost me a whopping $349. (Oh, if we only had an Ikea in town.) Target had a similar unit, the  ClosetMaid Cubeicals 6 Cube Organizer for $34.99.  One day, I may still upgrade to the Ikea unit.

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2 thoughts on “Project Nursery: Copy Cat

  1. Very cool! It’s your own version of “The High Low Project”. Since you probably don’t get to watch much TV, that’s a show on either DIY or HGTV. I can’t remember which.

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