WubbaNubs, Must Have For Babies

WubbaNubs are little stuffed animals with a pacifier attached to it.  Perfect for tiny fingers grasping in the middle of the night for her beloved pacie.  Get one, get two. Our girls love their WubbaNubs. They come in all sorts of animals and colors – bears, tigers, monkeys, giraffes, kittens.


  1. Easy for baby to find and hold.
  2. For car rides, tuck it under baby’s seat belt harness.
  3. Drop them in baby’s laundry.


  1. Baby can become addicted.
  2. A little pricy at $15-$25 a pop.

Thanks to my friend Faith for the recommendation!

Kaitlyn (below) is not addicted to her pacie and prefers to chew on the stuffed animal.

photo credit:  Alana Donovan

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