The Strong and Courageous Woman: Day 4

Journey to become a strong and courageous woman through the book of Joshua.  Please forgive the unpolished product, this is a study in process.  Here it is uncut and unfinished.

DAY 4:  Grumbling Israelites

Yesterday, we saw the sons of Israel grumble against Moses and Aaron. Then, they wanted to stone Joshua and Caleb for imploring Israel to trust in the Lord.  Today we are going to look at what the Lord did in response to the people’s complaints in Numbers 14.

1)     Read verses 11-12.   While the people addressed their complaints to Moses and Aaron, what did the LORD say was the people’s sin? (v. 10)

2)    What did the LORD say would be their punishment be in the following verses?

a)    22-23?

b)    29

c)    30

d)    31

e)    32

f)    How long will their children be shepherds in the wilderness and why? (v.33-35)

g)    Want happened to the 10 spies who made the congregation grumble? (v.36-37)

h)    What happened to Joshua and Caleb? (v.38)

3)    Glance back over last 3 days and meditate on what you read.

a)   What did you learn about Joshua and Caleb?

b)    What did you learn about the sons of Israel?

c)    What did you learn about God?  Create a page in your spiritual journal entitled “What I have learned about God.”  Add your thoughts to this section, and be sure to note the passage of scripture that revealed this truth to you.  One day the Lord may use you to share this with someone.

Oh what powerful truths we are going to learn in this study!  We have only gotten started.  Stay the course my sister.  God has wonderful truths to teach you in the next few weeks.

See Day 3, What is The Strong and Courageous Woman?, Day 5

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