The Strong and Courageous Woman: Day 3

Journey to become a strong and courageous woman through the book of Joshua.  Please forgive the unpolished product, this is a study in process.  Here it is uncut and unfinished.

DAY 3:  Facing the Giants

1)     How did the congregation (or the sons of Israel) respond to the spies’ report in the following verses?

a)    Numbers 14:1-4

b)    Numbers 14:10

2)    What was Joshua’s and Caleb’s report about the land to Israel?  (v. 6-8)

3)    What did Joshua and Caleb ask the people to do?  (v.9)

4)    Who did they say was with them in verse 9?

5)    What did the congregation want to do them in response in verse 10?

6)    Read verse 24.  Caleb’s name is the only one mentioned here, but we can infer that Joshua was included in the verse.  What were the 2 things mentioned about Caleb?

Caleb and Joshua had a different spirit than the other spies and chose to follow the Lord fully.  In contrast, the congregation totally rejected Joshua’s and Caleb’s plea to take the land that God was commanding them to take.   It was 2 men against a whole congregation of mumbling, grumbling Israelites.

Have you ever felt like you were the only one who was standing up for the right thing?  Were you able to stand firm against the crowd like Joshua and Caleb did?

Or, can you relate more to the Israelites being afraid of the insurmountable threat they could see in front of them?  They saw the giants in the land and feared that they would never be able to defeat them.  How in the world would they would ever be able to conquer such a strong people? “We became like grasshoppers in their sight!” they cried.

Do you have your own giants in your life?  Do you have problems or hurts that stand in your way to truly live the life that God called has called you to?  Oh my sister, know that the Lord is with you!  He is strong enough to bring you through to the promise that He has for you!   I am confident that He who began a good work in you will carry it through completion!  (Phil 1:6)

Don’t believe the lies of the enemy that would you tell you that the giants in your life are too strong.  Satan would lie to you and say your pain is too great, your past is too difficult, you are too ugly, you are too broken, and too damaged for God to overcome. That is a lie from the pit of hell!   The devil is prowling around like a lion seeking to devour you.   But resist his lies. Oh, our Lord is greater, He is more powerful than all.  [insert scripture]

Have faith my sister, and don’t quit this study.  Be strong and courageous, the Lord is with you.  He is your strength.  Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might (Eph 6:10).  I pray that through this study, you will see how the Holy Spirit within you gives you strength to overcome any adversity. I pray that you will see that our God Jesus loves you and pursues a relationship with you.  Our Lord Jesus Christ completes you and makes you whole.

7)  Read 1 Peter 5:6-11. What giants are you currently facing in your life?  Write down your giants and a prayer for yourself.  Keep a copy in your prayer journal.

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