Marriage Monday: The Bedroom Talk

Let’s talk about sex baby. We live in generation that equates sex within marriage as boring. Ted Cunningham gives a very funny yet instructional talk that the opposite can be true. He teaches that the more we talk about sex, the more we can gain excitement in the bedroom. That can be a tough conversation for some of us, especially if we’re raised to think that talking about sex is dirty. Not so. Cunningham pushes us to engage in more dialogue about the topic. He even includes a menu to spark conversation.

“The Bedroom Talk” – Marriage Killers – Sermon #2 by Ted Cunningham

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Ted Cunningham is the founding pastor of Woodland Hills Family Church in Branson, MO. He is the author of Trophy Child and Young and In Love and coauthor of four books with Dr. Gary Smalley: The Language of Sex; From Anger to Intimacy; Great Parents, Lousy Lovers and As Long as We Both Shall Live.

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