A Fast and Furious 6 Months

Ava,left, and Kaitlyn. 2012.06.15

Our bundles of joy Kaitlyn and Ava are 6 months this week.  How fast and furious this precious time flies. Both recognize their names and are already eating baby food. Very quickly, we have watched their little personalities emerge.

Kaitlyn, our firstborn by one minute, is an independent self-starter.  She wakes up every morning around 6 am, and is content to talk and play by herself for an hour.  Kaitlyn is passionate about things she enjoys like jumping for joy in her bouncer.  She relishes the taste of food so much that she kicks and blows raspberries at every spoonfull.


Ava is our ambassador of love.  She wakes up smiling, and has a grin for everyone, including the dog.  She seems to be an extrovert already, wanting to be in the room where all the action is.  Ava is very curious, especially when it comes to figuring out the gadgets on her Baby Einstein exersaucer.


Yes, it’s been a fast and furious 6 months. It has been a lot of joy and a lot of fun.

6 thoughts on “A Fast and Furious 6 Months

  1. They are adorable and amazing. It is incredible how quickly time flies and they grow up. Cherish every second you have with them!

  2. I can’t believe that they are already 6 months. They grow up so fast. Next thing you know you’ll be walking them to their kindergarten classroom for the first time. Enjoy the times you have with them as babies. You will miss them when they get older! Luv ya Schopmeyers!!!

    • Terry, I know! I can’t believe it happens so fast. Thanks for all the advice, I need to remember to cherish each moment.

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