Kaitlyn’s Raspberries: Stop a Baby From Spitting Food

rasp·ber·ry (raz-ber-ee). noun. a derisive or contemptuous sound made by vibrating the extended tongue and the lips while exhaling.

Recently, my clever Kaitlyn discovered her ability to blow raspberries.  Her favorite time to perform? Lunch.

The Problem. Her fun and amusement while eating causes a big mess, on her and me.  So, how do I get a 6 month old to stop spitting her food, especially when she’s so proud of her new skill?  I Googled the question and found several solutions.  None worked for me.

The Solution. First, I analyzed her actions.  Kaitlyn blew out every spoonful.  Feeding her tiny doses (like 1 droplet of food) worked, but resulted in an hour long feeding.  She was blowing an outward motion.  I needed to coax her to do the opposite, an inward motion.  So, rather than placing the spoon in her mouth, I set it on the tip of her bottom lip. Therefore, she had to use her tongue and lips to suck in the food rather than spitting out.  Problem solved!

Meal times are still messy, but at least the food stays on her rather than me.

Question: Do you have a solution that worked for your baby?

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