Introducing Kaitlyn Grace and Ava Gail

Kaitlyn Grace Schopmeyer
(in Chris’s arms)
4 lb 7 oz
17.25 in
Dec 13 4:05 pm

Ava Gail Schopmeyer
(in Maya’s arms)
4 1b 10 oz
17 in
Dec 13 4:06 pm

Ava on the left and Kaitlyn on the right

5 thoughts on “Introducing Kaitlyn Grace and Ava Gail

  1. Wow, what a beautiful creations. Praise the Lord. You did have a very lovable twins Maya and Cris. They’re truly a blessing on this Yuletide Season. Hope everything is okay and praying for your continued safety Maya.
    Will be looking forward to the day that they will be able to travel and have a vacation here in the Philippines… Congratulations to both of you….

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