Hi, I’m Kaitlyn and Ava’s Mom

On our way to our first premie followup appointment, I call to let them know we’re running late. “Hi, I’m Maya Schopmeyer, Kaitlyn and Ava’s mom,” I say. My heart skips a beat, and Chris and I look at each other. Woah, this is one of those holy moly moments in life when you realize your life has changed, and you can’t rewind the the clock.

The Girls. Both girls are healthy and steadily gaining weight, We continue to visit the Nicu every 2 days until they exceed 5 lbs.

Chris and I are learning the balancing act of feeding, nursing, changing, and not sleeping during the night. Now I understand why folks urged me during pregnancy to sleep while I could.

But, it’s all worth it. Here’s a photo from last night’s 2am feeding. Priceless.
Ava left, Kaitlyn right


Chris and Ava


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