33 Weeks Update

My cervix remains closed, but the best news my OB gave me is that I no longer have to do home monitoring. Yay!  Essentially, my last weapon for pre-labor was Terbutaline, but unfortunately I had a bad reaction to it last week, so no more Terb.

Strategy. We’re at a really good place at 33 weeks. Our strategy to stop labor is bed rest, hydrating, Benedryl, and soaks in the tub to relax my uterus. After monitoring for up to 4 hours a day, my doc feels I know my body well enough to monitor my own contractions at home.  I found a handy app Labor and Contraction Timer that is fabulous. I tend to average 6 to 8 contractions an hour.  My threshold is 10 an hour.

At 33 weeks, only by the grace of God we have come from such a long way from non-viable babies at 21 weeks to where are today. Can’t wait to meet our girls!

86 days ago I was put on bed rest.  Twins’ gestational age: 33 weeks, 5 days

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9 thoughts on “33 Weeks Update

  1. Maya – I am so glad to hear that you have made it this far! I have been following along your husband’s updates and hoping the best for you. Maybe they will surprise you and stay in a few more weeks!
    Will continue to keep you in my thoughts!


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