The Big Gun: Magnesium Sulfate

OB office visit – 1.4 cm cervix. Admission to labor & delivery. 30 secs before hot flashes began.

30 weeks update. At my Monday follow-up (29 weeks, 4 days) my cervix dropped from 1.8 cm to 1.4 cm.  Couple that with a contraction every 4 to 6 minutes, my OB was ready to whip out the big gun magnesium sulfate stop my contractions.  As intimidating as it sounds, I’ll endure any treatment to keep the babies in my womb as long as possible.

Here we go.  I was admitted to labor & delivery, and immediately hooked up to an IV for fluids and a catheter, yikes. At 12:15 pm I received a second IV drip of the mag treatment.  My hand burned as the fluid entered my body, and 4 minutes later,  let the heat flashes begin.  The next 24 hours was a blur of miserable aches and pains, hot flashes, migraines, doses of stadol for pain, and periodic blood sampling.  Thank the Lord for the catheter because I was too sick to get out of bed. They watched me like a hawk, monitoring my blood, urine output, blood pressure, and the babies’ heart beats.  By morning, light sensitive migraines kept me with a rag draped over my eyes, but I did peak at the clock to countdown my hours till 12:15 pm.

Recovery. At 12:15 pm, the nurse disconnected me from the mag, and within 15 minutes I felt like a new woman.  My side effects seemed to stop immediately.  My contractions, however, did not, and my OB informed me I would stay another night.  I spent the remainder of the day, dozing in and out trying to catch up on lost sleep, and lo and behold my contractions began to reduce.  By 7 pm the morning, they were down to 2 an hour. Woot! 

Home again. Graciously, my doc sent me home to the same strict bed rest plus HUAC monitoring.  Our bed never looked so good and more importantly, our girls get a few more days for their lungs to develop.

Today.  We had a false alarm today and went to the hospital because I was having a lot of uterus irritability and contractions in an hour. However, by the time we got there, my contractions dropped to 2 an hour with irritability and I tested negative on the fFn test which means I wasn’t in labor.  So, praise the Lord we got to go back home.

Tomorrow, I have a scheduled OB appointment, I give it a 50-50 chance of me being admitted. Our next goal to pray for is 32 weeks, a huge mile marker for the girls’ lung development.

63 days ago I was put on bed rest.  Twins’ gestational age: 30 weeks, 3 days

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8 thoughts on “The Big Gun: Magnesium Sulfate

  1. Maya,
    Reading your blog has brought back so many familiar memories of what I went through with Abigail. I remember the magnesium sulfate. It was terrible but well worth it for the health of your babies. The last week before they finally had to deliver baby Abigail, I was in the hospital hooked up with magnesium sulfate, steroids to help speed up her lung development, and probably other things too. I swelled up so bad that my knees disappeared. My face and whole body was so swollen and disgusting looking. The magnesium makes you feel bad too. All that was well worth it. They finally had to deliver her at 31 weeks and she had to be in the hospital for a few more months due to other complications. She ended up having to have surgery on her intestines because one of her valves was malfunctioning. They had told me that there was a high possibility that she was going to have to use a colostomy bag (wrong spelling I know). After many prayers to the Lord above though, the surgery was successful and they were able to remove the faulty valve and no bag was needed. Abigail is now a beautiful 6 year old. You would never know that she went through all that back then by looking at her today. I just want you to know that I completely understand all that you are going through. My prayers are with you and the babies and your family everyday. I know that the Lord will make sure all is ok with you and the girls. It may be tough but when it’s all over with and you come home with your girls you will finally realize how worth it all of this is. I love you Maya and cannot wait to you be able to see you and the girls soon. Take care my love.

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