Fasting Resources

Fasting is withholding food of our flesh to instead feast upon Him the Father. It is savoring His word more than our daily bread. Ultimately, we fast as a longing for The Creator more than his creation. We fast as a posture of humility, crying, “Lord have your way in my life, have your way in our world. Lord, intervene! I want you this much, oh Lord.”

Scripture References

John Piper

Dr. Bill Bright (CRU)

Fred Hartley

  • Sermon: 5 Breakthrough Benefits of Fasting – Fred Hartley.   (23 mins) Fred Hartley teaches us the breakthrough benefits of fasting. Many begin their new year with a spiritual fast because they want more of God. These practical and biblical kingdom truths will be sure to enhance the breakthrough you receive while fasting.   Click here for handout.
  • Sermon: Seven FAST Answers – (23 mins) Fred Hartley discusses the spiritual discipline and great joy of fasting. When we are hungrier for God to answer our prayers and to move in our lives than we are for food, it’s time to fast.

Tony Evans

  • Video: The Fast God Chooses – Isaiah 58   (10 mins)
  • You can view Tony Evan’s articles on fasting here.
  • Tony Evans has a fantastic sermon series on Fasting that you can purchase here.  You can find them on Youtube as well. The YouTube sermons are not officially released from Tony Evans, but here are the sermon titles.
    • The Importance of Fasting – Isaiah 58: 1-14
    • Fasting for Deliverance – Matthew 17:14-21
    • Fasting Burdens – Nehemiah 1:1-11
    • Fasting for Protection – Esther 4:8-16
    • Fasting for Needs – 1 Kings 17:8-16
    • Fasting for a Mate – Genesis 24:32-49
    • Fasting for Marriage 1 Corinthians 7:1-5

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