These Are the Days

“How long does this last?” I asked my mom last week. I’m referring to this lovely season of pre-toddlerhood, and I don’t want it to end.

Our home is filled with giggles and the squeals of delight from our 14 month old twins. The girls are roaming, climbing, and exploring their world. Their faces of anticipation followed by discovery and then satisfaction warm our hearts.

I’m a mom trying to savor these precious moments, and I cherish them knowing these crystalline memories are like beautiful snowflakes that will melt with the turn of the season.

These are the days, and I treasure them.

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14 thoughts on “These Are the Days

  1. Love this…. I am enjoying every day I get to spend with my twin boys who are just learning to crawl. I love that they are beginning to express their preferences and individuality. I love to hear from other moms who are enjoying these days as much as I am!

    • How much fun! Crawling and soon they will be creeping. You’ve got you’re work cut out for you. But, it’s oh-so-worth it!

  2. Savor these moments. They are truly magical. Don’t get too rushed to notice. And do document like you are doing. You easily forget their giggles of delight. T. Aida

    • Great advice. I’m keep a daily calendar out, to journal their precious moments. When I look back and read our accounts from just a month ago, I’m amazed at how quickly I forget.

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