My One Year Old Taught Herself to Slide

Parent with the end result in mind. That’s a phrase parents much wiser than me say. I repeat that mantra when I’m tempted to rescue my daughters from their frustration. My swooping in could rob my daughters from learning a new skill themselves. I could rob them of learning that it’s okay to fail. I could rob them of learning how to cope when life is not fair. I could cheat them from learning that the world actually does not revolve around them.

Our end result as parents is to raise up a child who is prepared for something greater than themselves. We would like to see a child who is generous, hard-working, and serving. They can understand consequences and know the thrill of working hard to accomplish a goal. And yes, even my one year old can have this thrill.

No, she’s not “just a baby.” She is a person developing habits that are the groundwork for a healthy confident child. Or, she is developing habits that our family will be crying to break, like that darn pacifier addiction.

My one year old recently taught herself to slide down the slide. Not because Mommy helped her, but because she witnessed an older child enjoying the fun. That’s quite an accomplishment for a child’s third visit to a park.

But then again, she IS just a baby. So that means there’s plenty of hugs, kisses, and cuddling. We also keep healthy boundaries to protect her from danger. There’s also a time, however, for learning life lessons.  Little do our kids know that their mere park playtime is preparation for their adulthood two decades away.

Cool Post. Check out this great post by Kate Bassford Baker entitled “Please Don’t Help My Kids.”She urges us to not help her kids on the playground. My favorite line is, “I want my girls to know the exhilaration of overcoming fear and doubt and achieving a hard-won success. ”

Amen, Sistah!

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10 thoughts on “My One Year Old Taught Herself to Slide

    • Thank you! Yea, my other daughter has yet to accomplish that feet. But, who cares, she was walking 2 months before this one was. 🙂 Just goes to show every child develops on their on timetable. Love your blog, by the way.

  1. and you caught that on tape!?! So awesome! And I totally agree with your mantra… I let Avery explore everywhere… and only intervene if I know it’s dangerous. Heck, I let the kid climb the ottoman and superman dive onto the couch… and yeah, sometimes he doesn’t quite make it and slides down, but it teaches him about heights and now if he’s near stairs or an edge, he points at it and waits for help.

    • I know crazy! I didn’t realize the significance till 2 weeks later, LOL. I must confess however, I’ve let my girls play on the couch a little too early for their own good. We’ve had several bumps on their noggins. Bad Mommy. 😦

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