5 Maxims to Exercise While Raising Pre-Toddlers


I recently took on a Health and Fitness Challenge for the month of December. Fellow blogger Valerie at AtlantaMomOfThree challenged us to set an exercise goal for the month and to report how we did on Mondays.

My puny goal: Exercise 15 minutes, 3 times a week. Not so puny though with two pre-toddlers running around my house.

How did I do this week? Mmmmm, not too well. The holiday festivities and terrible weather kept me from moving. Terrible excuse, but overall I’m glad I took the challenge.  I was challenged to be proactive and actually think about how I’m going to get my body moving during my precious free moments in the day.

Here are 5 Maxims to Exercise While Raising Pre-Toddlers:

  1. Exercise with pre-toddlers won’t happen unless you schedule it. This maxim was given to me by one of my mentors (a much wise and older woman). You really aren’t committed to anything unless you actually write it on your calendar, or in my case, iPhone.  The last week of the challenge fell around Christmas. I wasn’t proactive enough to schedule my workouts and therefore didn’t meet my goals.
  2. Something is better than nothing. Don’t be a perfectionist. In my book, if you consistently work towards a goal every day, you’ll find that over time you move miles towards it. (Hmm, the same can apply for writing.)
  3. Hit the road with your stroller. I’m more inclined to be mobile if I bring my girls with me.  The girls enjoy the fresh air and eye candy, while mommy burns calories.
  4. Plan on Nap Time Workouts. Grab your favorite workout DVD and start working out while your baby naps. It’s convenient and you’re just a room a way if your baby fusses.
  5. Find an accountability partner. Tell a friend about your goal and ask them to hold you to it.

Thank you AtlantaMomOfThree for challenging us!

What about you? Do you have a maxim to share that gets you exercising while raising small children?

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10 thoughts on “5 Maxims to Exercise While Raising Pre-Toddlers

  1. I get my exercise by…

    1. Going up and down the stairs a million times a day to do the laundry.

    2. Lifting weights. (aka my girls)

    3. Portion my meals (aka I never have time to eat)


    I have a gym membership which I am going to start using. I always feel guilty leaving the girls to do anything but an hour a couple times a week is ok. I hate paying for something I don’t use.

    • Yes, I hate aying for something I don’t use either. We too have a gym membership that we, um, pay for. You inspire me. 🙂 LIke your “lifting weights”. I can do that too!

    • “I think I can, I think I can!” Thanks so much for your encouragement. It’s been really nice having all my new blogging friends be so encouraging as I work towards my goals. Love it! Thank you!

  2. I’m a mom of 5 months twins, I used to love going to the gym before I got pregnant, I even tried to go routinely while I was pregnant (until my doctor told me to take it easy), but for the past 5 months, it has been a real struggle for me. Just recently I have made it a point to take my “twinkies” on a long walk outside. The long walk with a stroller (we live in Southern Cali 🙂 ) really helps me break the day and I feel better knowing that my babies are getting some fresh air. However, I feel that I need to do more, so I signed up to do a 1/2 marathon in May. Does anyone have any interesting ideas as to how to maintain a regular workout schedule and training while being “there” for your babies when needed?

    • Wow, I’m impressed you’re training for a half. I’ve done 2 full marathons, but that was BK (before Kids). I’ve read several blogs on maintaining a workout schedule with young babies. What resonated was to plan on your schedule, but be ok with the emergencies that occur and throw a notch in your workouts for the week. I’m also finding that holding yourself accountable through workout buddies or a blogging workout challenge helps too! Let me know what you find out, I’m interested too!

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