Happy Birthday Girls!


Kaitlyn (left) and Ava

Today, Kaitlyn and Ava, you are one year old. God answered our prayers and allowed you to come into this world healthy at 34 weeks.  You stayed in the NICU for 10 days and came home to us on Christmas Eve. You were your Mom and Dad’s favorite Christmas presents.



Kaitlyn, you are our firstborn by one minute. You are a thinker, and you love music. When people speak to you, you intently watch their mouths to see how they form words. You were the first to find your way to the piano and to hit the keys with your tiny fingers. You love to bounce to the beat of any song. You love to wiggle your finger on your lips to make blubber sounds. You love soft fuzzy blankets and oftentimes we will find you face first bent over in your blanket basket, rubbing your face on your favorite purple blanket. You are independent and are content to play alone with your favorite toy of the day.



Ava, you are a politician and an explorer. You smile at everyone. At restaurants, your head is turned to get the view of the most people in the room. You love to explore and are not afraid to crawl alone into a dark room. Other times, you’d rather lay your head on Mommy or Daddy’s lap. You love to play with your shape sorter, properly inserting the shapes in the correct hole. You love to tote things around, especially a ball or a towel. You know the sound of the garage door, and that means Mommy or Daddy is home.


Kaitlyn (left) and Ava 

You are both walking now, although you prefer to crawl when you’re in a hurry. Kaitlyn likes to crawl on all fours with her bottom in the air. Ava prefers to walk with something in her hand. You don’t like to wear your shoes, but you have to because it’s cold outside. You love to push each other around in your walker while the other one rides. You also like to play hide-and-seek with Mommy around the couch.

You both can say “Da-da”, “Ma-ma”, and “Duh” for dog. You can sign the words for milk, all done, and can wave bye-bye. Although, you usually wave bye a few minutes after the person has left. Your bedtime is 7:30 p.m., and you usually sleep till after 7:00 a.m. That makes Mommy and Daddy really happy.

You both love to be on the lookout for airplanes. We hear and see many of them with the airport just 2 blocks away.

You both love to play fetch with Miles, and oftentimes give him your ball instead of his. You understand the word “gentle” and know to pat him correctly. Kaitlyn sometimes gets really excited and hugs him as hard as she can.

Your Mommy and Daddy are both very proud of you. We are so blessed that you came into our lives.

Happy birthday Kaitlyn and Ava!

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Girls!

  1. Praise God for His presence and loving care throughout this their first year which was made bearable and even joyful because of the strength and comfort He provided you both. The girls are so beautiful and I love your commentary.

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