Our girls were recently featured on Girl Charlee Fabric for their May KnitPics spotlighting Chevron fabric.  Twelve2 designed these patriotic outfits featuring their dad’s home state of Texas. It’s a perfect ensemble to bring in the summer.

Twelve2 is a handmade product shop with a worthy cause. All proceeds go to adoptions or missions, that’s commitment in my book. My favorite is the Chevron Bermuda shorts. So cute.

Many thanks to Misty at FreshFotography for these cute pics. Misty, you were great with the girls!


Kaitlyn always looks good in blue to bring out her eyes.



Where’s Ava’s solo pics, you ask? Well, she had a meltdown shortly after this photo. For 16-month olds, our photo-shoot time is limited.


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6 thoughts on “KnitPicks

  1. Aw I found your blog on the Top Mommy Blog network! I also have twins (10 mo identical mono-di girls) and loved reading your story! I’m always looking for new MoM’s to connect with and read about so I thought I’d say hello. 🙂

  2. Wow, they are really looking different from each other now! I’m sure you’ve always thought they look different 😉 but now I think so too! lol
    So cute.

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