A Mom’s Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero is my way of life

A mom’s Inbox Zero is not just about a clean email inbox. Inbox Zero can be a clean kitchen sink, laundry folded and put away, toys put up. It’s a goal I’m constantly striving for that is applicable not just to my email but to my whole world as a mom. It’s a goal I constantly fail to keep, yet I’m okay with that.

Here’s a great article for all you GTD mom nerds.  Enjoy.

On another note, dear readers, I’ve missed you.  My world as as a mom of twin toddlers has been challenging, and I’ve been focusing on what is most important to me – my family. That has left me with little or no time for blogging. But, the warm weather is here, and the cold and flu season is gone.

I’m back.


2 thoughts on “A Mom’s Inbox Zero

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