Baby Packing List, Can’t Leave Home Without It

Summer is over, and I’ve recovered from 2 road trips with twin babies. The first trip it took 6 hours to pack.  The second trip took 2 hours.  The difference? My baby packing list.
 The only way to get out of the house with 2 babies and appropriate paraphanliea is to have a list. Now my babies have a packing list for their diaper bag, day care, or a road trip. Check out our packing list below.

GTD for Moms. Getting Things Done is my way of life since 2005. The goal is to organize all the clutter in your head so you can get things done even when you are sick, or in my case even when you have 2 screaming babies.

I’ve kept packing lists for myself for years. I used to save them on my PC, now I store them in Evernote. It’s easy to access anywhere on my phone, ipad, or computer. I search for key words “baby packing list”, hit print, and I’m good to go. Next trip, I’ll be packed in under an hour.

What lists do you have to keep your life with babies organized? Share your lists with us.


    • bibs
    • burp cloths
    • outfits
    • PJs
    • shampoo
    • aquafor
    • lotion
    • bows
    • bathing suit
    • blanket
    • lovies
    • towels
    • wash cloths
    • meds
    • diapers
    • wipes
    • baby powder
    • toy
    • a&D ointment
    • formula
    • 2 burp cloths
    • 2 outfits
    • pacifier wipes
  • FOOD
    • formula
    • bottles
    • spoons
    • nipples
    • rice
    • pitcher
    • baby monitor and speakers
    • high chairs
    • noise machine
    • pack ‘n play
    • pack ‘n play sheets

6 thoughts on “Baby Packing List, Can’t Leave Home Without It

  1. I did the same. We always did have a small bag with diapers, wipes, pacifiers (we didn’t have pacifier wipes) and outfits, small towels etc. and food. I imagine this list is for if you travel by car? If you travel by plane, you have to pack differently. You can’t take a huge pack of formula into the aircraft (not here in Europe), but only the amount of “food” your child needs during the flight etc. Now – my girls are 6 – the list is shorter, different, but I still have lists. About the high chairs: We did use the maxicosy when they were babies, then two kind of little foldable seats (from Munschkin) or nothing at all if at the place we were going to, there were seats already (sometimes borrowed from neighbours, friends).

  2. Thanks for the tips! I’m preparing for our first road trip with our baby in a few weeks. I’ve already started creating my packing list to help eliminate some of the stress as the trip approaches.

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