The Strong and Courageous Woman: Day 2

Journey to become a strong and courageous woman through the book of Joshua.  Please forgive the unpolished product, this is a study in process.  Here it is uncut and unfinished.

DAY 2:  Background on Joshua

Today we look at how the people of Israel responded to the news of what beheld them in the Promise Land.    You can go back to Day 1 to review.

1)     Read Numbers 14: 1- 45 completely to finish the story.

2)    Read the passage again, this time marking the following key words:

congregation (or this people, the men, sons of Israel)


land (any reference to the promised land)

Joshua and Caleb

3)    What stood out the most to you in this passage?

I encourage you to keep a spiritual journal if you do not already do.  As you study God’s  word, if the Holy Spirit tells you something, write it down before you forget it.  Record the verse of scripture that God used to speak to you and write a prayer asking Him how you should respond.

See What is The Strong and Courageous Woman?Day 1, Day3

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