The Strong and Courageous Woman: Day 1

I am so excited to study the book Joshua with you!  This wonderful book contains the details of how God led his people into the Promise Land.  I believe that God has so many truths to share with you through this study about living a life complete in Him so that we can be strong and courageous and live the life he has called us.

Here’s a link to Print Homework so you can keep your own notebook.

DAY 1: Background on Joshua

Before we delve into this book, let’s get a firm foundation on who Joshua is and where the Israelites have been.  This background information will put us in context to when the book of Joshua opens.

Write out a prayer below asking the Holy Spirit to show you His truth about His word.  John 14:26 tells us the Holy Spirit is your teacher. He will teach you all things.


Let’s look at a passage in the bible before Joshua is raised up as a leader.

Numbers 13
The Israelites had been living as slaves in Egypt for 400 years.  After hearing His people’s cries, the Lord raised up Moses to deliver the children of Israel out of bondage.  God used Moses to lead His people out of Egypt across the Red Sea and into the wilderness.  God then lead them to Sinai where they received the ten commandments.  Then they lived in the wilderness following a pillar of cloud by day and fire by night.

God had foretold that Israel would be enslaved.  He also promised they would be delivered out of that land in be delivered to the Promise Land.  Now, here’s Joshua.  (This is not the first time we Joshua in the bible, we see also  him in Exodus 17)

2)    Read Numbers 13:1-20

a)    Where did the Lord instruct Moses to send the men?

b)    How many men did he send?

c)    What was the Lord going to do with the land?  (verse 2)

d)    Who was singled out in verse 16?

Did you notice that Joshua was also referred to as ‘Hoshea’?

e)    In verses 17 – 20, what were Moses’s instructions for the spies?

2)    Read Numbers 13:21- 24 and underline all the places they went to.

3)    Read Numbers 13:25-33

a)    What did the 10 spies report regarding the fruit of the land (not including Caleb and Joshua)?

b)    What did the spies report regarding the people who live in the land?

The Anak were a race of giant people living in Canaan.  Can you imagine what that must be like to see such a fruitful land with so much potential, yet occupied by intimidating inhabitants?

Question: Is there anything in your life that looks so good to strive for? A dream, a hope, but the reality is that it would be virtually impossible?

That’s all for now.  You’re off to a good start.  Tomorrow we will look at how the people Israel responded to the spies’ report.

See Day2, What is the Strong and Courageous Woman?

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