No Phone Zone

You have now entered a “No Phone Zone.”  That’s what Chris and I refer to any time that is not allowed to be interrupted by technical gadgets such as phones, iPads, Kindles, or laptops.  If someone calls during date night, don’t answer.  We’re in a No Phone Zone.  If we’re having a serious discussion, we get a text message, don’t look.  We’re in a No Phone Zone. No surfing the web, no reading of blogs, no editing photos.  Nadda. Just pure couple-time.

I tend to be ADD, and this rule keeps me focused on my MIP (Most Important Person) in this world – My Man.   Now that doesn’t mean we don’t make exceptions. If it’s a really important phone call, we’ll ask the our partner, “should I get this?” We defer to the other person to decide.  This rule has worked well for us and thwarts hurt feelings. My love language is quality time, so this rule is oh-so-important to me.

Rules like this one are great for fostering a safe environment which is essential for healthy marriages. Try it out, and keep your MIP really the most important person in your life.

Question: Do you have a any rules that you use to protect your couple-time?  Share below what works for you and your mate.

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6 thoughts on “No Phone Zone

  1. I love this idea! My husband and I both have ADD and we use the code word squierrel when we get distracted during conversations…..It is not really code since its from the movie up, but this rule is going into effect in our home thanks for the great blog!

  2. This is a great suggestion. Often times it so difficult for us to have a decent conversation we definitely don’t need technology interrupting us. I find your blog really interesting…A lot of goodies in here:) Thanks so much!

    • I appreciate your encouragement. The temptation of technology is a huge deal in our family since my husband is an apple junkie. Oftentimes, we’ll have 2 iphones, 2 ipads, and a laptop in bed with us! lol. We’re sad folks.

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