Ava’s Delight, My Delight

When Ava sees me, the smile on her face is pure joy.  When I greet her in her crib each morning, she smiles.  When I walk in the room, she smiles. When I say her name, she smiles.  Being her mom is bliss, and it warms my heart that she smiles at me.  She delights in me and I in her.

Like a child delighting in her parent, how much more does my Father in heaven approve of me when I delight in Him?   Psalm 37:4 tells us to “delight yourself in the Lord.”  My feelings for Ava are a tiny picture of the Lord’s love is for me.  How much would I warm His heart, if I would just delight in His presence?

The rest of the passage (Psalm 37:3-7) tells us to not only to delight, but to trust and rest in the Lord.  He is our Father in heaven, and He knows all I need.  If I as a parent know how to take care of Ava, how much more will our Father in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him (Matthew 7:11).    I am to rest in Him, as Ava rests and trusts in me.

I want to delight in the Lord as Ava does me.

Prayer: Lord mold my heart to delight in You.  Thank you for using a mother’s love for her daughter to reveal a tiny spec of your love for me. Father, allow me to delight in You more.  Open my eyes to see you around me. Be my delight.

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