Our First Road Trip: Packing for Four

We’re taking our girls’ first road trip today. Packing for 2 has morphed to packing for 4. Most of the time I like Kaitlyn and Ava to “coordinate”, not “match”. To simplify mornings,  I sorted each girls’ outfits, along with matching bows, stored them in a ziploc bag, and labeled each bag by day.  This allows my hubby to gracefully dress the girls without the the confusion of knowing what day and which outfit “coordinates” with what. The easier I can make tasks for my hubby, the easier it is for him to let me sleep in while on our vacation.  Thanks dear!

3 thoughts on “Our First Road Trip: Packing for Four

  1. great idea! I should set bags out like this every morning – think it’ll motivate my hubby to dress our son instead of leave it up to me? 🙂

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