Recovered Road

“How’s your incision doing?” the nurse asked me.  “What incision,” I replied. “It’s the rest of me that’s in pain.”  That was me 6 weeks ago in the postpartum wing.  I had been bed-ridden for 3 months and a day, and my muscles had given way to atrophy. Back pain, leg pain, and top it off with a  c-section. I couldn’t even wash my hands in the sink, let alone try to pick up my preemie babies.
Physical therapy was my saving grace.  I went everyday for 2 weeks, and thankfully regained my back and leg strength.  Today it’s been a little over 6 weeks since giving birth to Kaitlyn and Ava, and praise the Lord, my body is getting back to my pre-bed rest self.

6 thoughts on “Recovered Road

  1. You’re an amazing woman! Hang in there! You look fantastic! Love the post of the girls too! They’re precious gifts from above!

  2. Hello Maya and Chris….I am so glad you are getting better. I know in 6 months you will be stronger than super woman after looking after the twins. Send my your home address since it looks like you do not live in that apartment any longer. Tim

  3. You are looking great, Maya. I knew that you would after a few weeks. Hope you are getting plenty of help with your girls and household duties. Love y’all!!
    Karen Shepherd

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