Ava’s Acid Reflux

Sweet Ava has had a not so sweet 2 weeks of acid reflux, aka colic.  Our poor little girl has endured a gassy stomach so much that we have to hold her upright in a sitting position just to prevent her painful spasms.  Her suffering has lead to endless hours of crying, day and night, giving us sleepless nights as well.  Poor baby. Poor us.

Doc prescribed Zantac(ranitidine) that we started this evening, including short frequent feedings, frequent burping, and holding her upright for 20 minutes after eating. We pray our sweet Ava will find her needed intestinal relief soon, and that we can get more sleep.

Question:  How have you handled colic or acid reflux with your baby?

Kaitlyn and Ava are 5 weeks old today and were due this week.

Photo credit: Alana Donavon

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7 thoughts on “Ava’s Acid Reflux

    • My twins are now 8 months old 🙂 They had acid reflux/colic for the first 3 and a half months 😦 It was horrid for all of us. I tried the rantitdine, and the mylicon and every other suggestion under the sun. On top of that they were both painfully constipated for that long. I had to have them on juice since they were 2 months. They finally just outgrew it, thank God. Nothing seemed to work at all. Just had to wait it out.

  1. Hello Maya and friends. I pray your sweet baby Ava will recover soon from her colic. It is for sure a harsh thing for a baby to endure something like this when they are so tiny. Thanks for keeping us all informed of your and the babies conditions during these past weeks. Tim Williams Anderson , SC

  2. Hi Maya – your twins are beautiful!!! I just came back from visiting a good friend of mine whose twins are now two – boy they keep the parents busy! What a joy but oh so much to juggle. My babies did not have colic but I know a friend of mine had good results when she cut dairy out of her own diet (that’s assuming you’re nursing) which relieved her son’s gas. I hope you get some respite – I know it’s so hard to see your babies in pain but it will pass and you will be there for her. Just make sure to give yourself some rest too.

  3. I have followed your blog for quite awhile but never commented. I have twin girls and I colic with all 3 of my kids but I have one daughter who REALLY had it and has some other issues that continue to keep her reflux occurring…

    Here are some things that really helped:

    1- If you are not nursing or nursing and using bottles look at using Dr. Brown Bottles they are Awesome for helping with colic…I have tried multiple different kinds and Dr. Brown helped the best.
    2-Colic water which you can get at Wal-green’s, CVS, Rite Aide some place like that..this is very natural and you can use it everytime she eats.

    3. Along with holding her upright after feedings try having her sleep a little more upright put a blanket underneath her crib mattress or bassinet mattress so she sleeps more upright all of the time.

    4. If you do not see improvement wit the Zantac go back because she may have issues with milk or milk protein.

    Good luck!!!

    • Hi Wendy,wow, 3 babies with colic! These are great suggestions. We go to the doc today to talk about formula substitutes.

  4. Maya,
    I hope Ava and you are getting some relief! Myles had this, and Wendy’s comments I second! We found a ‘wedge’ boppy that Myles slept upright in for 6 months. praying for you and your new family!

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