Project Nursery: Pass on Pink

I’m shying away from the traditional pink fabric for girls, so that ups the stakes in my mission to create a twin nursery for girls that’s playful yet has an adult feel to harmonize with the rest of our home.

The solution? Pass on pink, stick with neutrals, add a fun accent color, and play it up with accessories.

Fabrics.  I’m leaning towards grays, lilacs, a little mustard yellow, and maybe a light green.

Here are some beautiful fabrics that I fell in love with from Premier Fabric at $9.99 a yard, great price!

This is the Osborn pattern in storm color, I think will make a beautiful dust ruffle, coupled with ties in the same storm gray.

The Chelsea polka dot print also comes in a lilac color.  This might be the bumper. I could line the inside in the lilac, or a white minky dot.

For spot color, I like the lilac and mustard. This might make a fabulous quilt.

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3 thoughts on “Project Nursery: Pass on Pink

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