Between Books: Prayer During Pregnancy

It’s been a struggle locating the perfect book on praying for your unborn baby, or babies rather. Sixteen weeks, 3 books, and many Amazon book reviews later, I’m still between books.  My prayers however, can’t wait, so I’m compiling my notes in future segments called Praying for Your Unborn Twins.

In the meantime, does anyone have suggestions on books on prayer during pregnancy?

Here’s what I’ve read so far.  There are golden nuggets in each book.

Praying for your Unborn Child by Francis and Judith MacNut.  Top of the list for me. The MacNutt’s have a huge prayer ministry and deal with difficult subjects like depression and generational hurt in this book.  It’s a must read for believers to gain a true understanding of how to pray for your child.  I felt the book covered a whole spectrum of spiritual preparedness. In fact, there’s even a chapter precluding conception.  I do wish the trimester chapters were longer.  I thirst for more like this one.

Pro: Covers a broad spectrum of spiritual concerns. Con: Does not cover week by week.

Praying Through Your Pregnancy by Polimino, Warrren. This book is more like a weekly devotional. Its chapters are divided per week of pregnancy. Sections include a 1 to 2 page segment about the baby’s development, a short prayer, 2 scriptures for meditation, and room for journaling.

Pro:  Good for a quick weekly devotional. Con:  Short content.

Birthed in Prayer by Barker, deMeillon, Harrison. This book was full of testimonial stories told by women during the pregnancy. It includes some scripture references and questions for reflections. I felt the book was helpful to find that “you’re not alone” feeling by reading personal experiences. However, I’m looking for a more instructional book that teaches me how to pray and includes the scripture references to those prayers.

Pro:  Personal testimonies. Con: Could be more instructional

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