Project Nursery: Ready, Aim, Fire!

Planning a twin nursery is quite a challenge when you are on best rest.  I can assuredly say with some creativity, it is possible.  Armed with my trusty laptop, a wifi connection, and my sweet friends Rhonda Powell and Dana Nowell who can sew, run to fabric shops, or any other shopping, we were able to come up with a game plan.  Here it is!

Bedding. I love these lilac and grey fabrics from Premier Fabrics.  I discovered a local seamstress in town Betty Williamson who is sewing the girls’ bedding.  Dana and Rhonda are sewing the curtains, accents pillows, blankies, and basket liners.  What a blessing!

What’s Left.  I still need to find a 2 tier bookcase to go on the opposite wall of the dresser (which will come in white).  A lamp.  Letters for the girls initials. (shhh, we’re not telling their names.)

I can’t wait to see the finished product, especially the bedding.

44 days ago I was put on bed rest.  Twins’ gestational age: 27 weeks, 6 days

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5 thoughts on “Project Nursery: Ready, Aim, Fire!

  1. Poems about Twins
    There’s two to wash, there’s two to dry,
    There’s two who argue, there’s two who cry.
    One’s in the mud having a ball,
    The other holds a crayon, another marked wall.
    Some days seem endless, my patience grows thin.
    Why was I chosen to be a mother of twins?
    The answer comes clear at the end of the day,
    As I tuck them in bed and to myself I say,
    There’s two to kiss, there’s two to hug,
    And best of all, there’s two to love.

    “A Gift from God”
    Now is the time when things settle down,
    that one has a chance to look around.
    To take a deep breath, smile and say
    today really wasn’t such a bad day.
    That nobody got hurt, nobody got sick,
    and Mom’s coffee table got just one new nick.
    Which is truly amazing considering the fact,
    God gave you two babies, you can’t send one back.
    Yes, you have twins, that you can’t ignore,
    as you scrape the dried oatmeal off the floor.
    The pleasures are many, the troubles are few,
    remember you’re a Mom doubly blessed with two.
    No matter how bad things really seem,
    one can take sour milk and turn it to cream.
    For the day will come when they’re no longer small,
    and you’ll say to yourself it wasn’t any trouble at all.
    So remember when you have trouble with your little pair,
    that they were a gift from God, so precious and rare.
    Some people will loose, but you’ll share the wins,
    because you were made the Mother of Twins.
    -Author Unknown

    The Parents Of Twins
    A meeting was convened one day
    In Heaven’s sacred hall.
    The ideal parents must be found
    For twins so sweet and small.

    They must be patient, first of all,
    And calm and kind and wise,
    And capable of chasing tears
    Away from little eyes.

    Would also put their children first
    And have a lot of smarts,
    With dedication and resolve,
    Two sweet and loving hearts.

    It was agreed you were the best —
    No other ones would do.
    Yes, Heaven found the perfect ones
    And sent those twins to you!

    © Larry Howland

    Pink or blue – multiply by two
    What excitement that news drew
    Two boys? or girls? or one of each
    Precious bundles – skin like peach
    Downy hair and dimpled cheeks
    Trusting eyes take a peek
    A whole new world to explore
    Love and laughter – a whole lot more
    Tiny fingers – tiny toes
    Adorable babies – ribbons and bows
    Bunny rugs and lullabies
    Lots of lows and lots of highs
    So if one day you get the news
    That you will need two pairs of shoes
    Be glad at heart you’ve paid the price
    You’re special in that you’ve been blessed twice
    -By Lorraine Paton

    Twins are gifts from Heaven above,
    two by two they come wrapped in love.

    Double Trouble, Double Toys
    Double Mess and Double Noise.
    Double Tears From Double Spills,
    And Double on the Doctor’s Bills.
    Sometimes it seems we’ll never win
    The constant challenge of raising twins.

    Yet there is not a day goes by
    That I don’t look up to the sky,
    And Thank the Lord in Heaven Above
    For Blessing me with “Double Love”

    Twice the smiles, twice the hugs,
    Twice the troubles, twice the tugs.
    Twice the diapers, coos and sighs,
    Twice the fun and late night cries.
    Two stuffy noses, two first smiles,
    Double the joys and double the trials.
    Twice the wonder a baby brings,
    Twice the feelings that make your heart sing.
    Two gifts from God on one joyous day,
    and Double the love He sent your way.

    Children are a source of joy
    To which nothing else compares.
    And that joy is double whenever
    Those children come in pairs.
    Twice the work and twice the tears,
    That of course is true,
    But theres twice the hugs and kisses
    And twice the laughter, too
    Double trouble? some folks say,
    Folks who think they know.
    But they are really very wrong,
    And so I tell them so.
    Twice blessed, I say to make it clear;
    I’d have it no other way.
    And when I smile and nod my head
    And wish them a good day!

    Esau came from the womb first,
    Jacob was born a few moments later.
    Esau sold his first-born birthright,
    Jacob became a much hated traitor!

    Esau became bitter toward Jacob,
    With revenge he was constantly driven.
    Jacob sought forgiveness from his God and twin brother,
    To him a new name would soon be given.

    The years for both quickly passed,
    Forgiven Jacob was given the new name, Israel.
    Year by year, God softened Esau’s heart,
    With love’s heart-penetrating chisel.

    To reconcile with his brother, Esau
    Jacob, now Israel, offered exceedingly much.
    Esau, first rejected Jacob’s gifts,
    Later, he accepted, extending a forgiving touch.

    Jacob and Esau, the twin sons of Isaac and Rebekah,
    God graciously blessed these reconciled twins.
    For Israel and The Palestinians,
    May such reconciliation happen again!

    George David Denson

    Though still unborn, your hearts are in our dreams
    We know your bright eyes are filled with mischievous gleams
    Together as a pair, you’ll hit us with well-engineered schemes
    There’s nothing like the power of twins – it’s perpetual teams.

    Your smiles radiate and show themselves on your mother’s face
    And even now we can see your style and grace
    If we could we’d accelerate your due date’s pace
    But alas, the moments-to-be are not a race.

    So several months from now, we’ll welcome our newborn twins
    With dozens of bottles, stacks of diapers and plenty of safety pins
    Mixed in with lots of laughs, huge smiles and undying grins
    Feel free to smile back — perhaps with dimples on your chins?

    Our lives will forever be devoted to our special two
    We hope for peaceful bliss but prepare for a chaotic zoo
    Grandmas try to warn us-“if only they knew!”
    But we scoff at this advice; the stories can’t be true.
    Until you two bless us and arrive, please let it be known
    That true happiness can sometimes occur in a clone
    And one day when you two are both older and grown
    We only hope that our unending love was always shown.

    Diane & Craig Sanders

    Dear God,
    My eyes have never seen a sight so exciting, so divine.
    I’m blessed not once but twice it seems no
    wealth can be compared to mine.
    I have double the work , double the cries ,
    I have double the pairs of adoring eyes.
    I have double the diapers to wash,
    double the chores to do,
    but also double mouths that kiss and coo.
    I have double the feedings, must plan a double meal,
    but also double pairs of tiny hands to feel.
    I have double trouble,
    as I have said before but something this
    wonderful is worth working double for.
    So, God in conclusion, I must confess I feel very honored with my special
    guests. The twins you’ve sent me let me know that you think I’m somebody
    doubly special too. I thank you ! I thank you!
    Double Blessed Mother of Twins

    Author: Shirlee Kimball

    Two little babes from heaven sent,
    Pink as two rosebuds fair;
    Double the joy you’ve brought this world,
    Bundles of love – a pair.

    Double the patter of tiny feet,
    Double the burps and coos;
    Double the marks on Mama’s chair,
    From four little tiny shoes.

    Double the press of a baby’s cheek,
    Of which happiness knows no bounds;
    Double the joy to your Mother’s heart;
    How your first word of “da da” sounds.

    Twice Daddy’s heart will beat with pride,
    As baby’s first steps begin;
    Twice Mama’s arms outstretched will reach,
    And lovingly fold you in.

    Two baby prayers at night to say,
    Two little babes to caress;
    Two loving pats on your infant brows,
    As to dream land you go to rest.

    Double the riches of worldly wealth,
    Double all joy and mirth;
    Double all happiness known to man,
    And double all this is your worth.

    Author: Shirlee Kimball


    Two of a kind
    A surprise gift from the most high
    That brought so much cheer
    To me and my dear
    Till I found out the real tale
    That caring them would entail
    A whimper here and a scream there
    So often turning my face so pale
    One pee now and one pee then
    Making the night like a drain
    The worst came when one fell sick
    When my heart would turn like a brick
    To make them sleep separate way
    One down here and one up there
    One with me and one with my dear
    Till the doctor gave his care
    The greatest joke was to come
    When both were called a damn
    Because the teacher could not
    Differentiate Dan from Pam!

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